Post & Rail (Bollards)

A wooden post and rail fence is an attractive boundary to your property. Length 1.8m x 125mm and 1.8m x 150mm. All our poles come standard CCA treated or untreated. Other treatments on request.



  • Property fence
  • Horse farms
  • Paddocks
  • Fields
  • Livestock areas
  • Ranch fence


  • Appealing rustic look
  • Keep visibility and view
  • Keep animals secure


  • Untreated
  • CCA (standard)
  • Creosote
  • Boron


  • We deliver in the Cape Town area. Delivery within a 5km radius of our premises is typically free, depending on the size of your order. Enquire for other areas.

Post 'n rail/ Bollards

Post and Rail Fencing is an inexpensive, sturdy pole fencing solution which makes it ideal for large boundaries as well as fencing paddocks, fields and livestock areas. Post & Rail can easily be used in conjunction with wire mesh for additional security and to keep pets in.

Post and Rail Pole Fencing is increasingly popular in SA, as it has aesthetic properties which fit nicely with the landscape. There are a number of rail lengths and post heights to choose from.


Available sizes and dimensions

1.8m x 125mm / 150mm

Contact us for tips on how to correctly plant fence posts.

  • Do not enclose the planted end of the post in concrete.
  • If you need to use concrete then let the concrete form a collar around the post with the end of the post protruding through the concrete.
  • If you plant the post on concrete at the bottom of the hole, let the concrete set before planting the post.


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