Thatching reed

Thatching reed is used to create a rustic, natural roof for homes, lapas and other buildings. We supply Cape Reed Thatch, which has a longer lifespan and better insulation qualities than other types of thatch.



  • Homes
  • Lapas
  • Buildings in game parks, safari lodges and nature reserves


  • Typical life span of around 30 years
  • Up to 70 years in ideal conditions
  • High insulation value
  • Environmentally friendly
  • More fire resistant than other thatching materials
  • Natural aesthetics


  • Cape Thatching Reed


  • We deliver nationally in South Africa.

Thatching reed

Cape thatching reed has a typical life span of around 30+ years. Being a natural product, a Cape Reed Thatch roof will allow any trapped heat or moisture to escape due to its ability to breathe.

The high insulation value provides the coolest shade in summer and retains the heat in winter. African Cape Reed Thatch is typically 10 degrees cooler than alternative roofing materials in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in the winter.

Cape Thatching Reed

• has a solid core
• requires less material for thatching than other grasses
• is more fire resistant than alternative thatching materials such as grass
• lasts at least 30 years in humid conditions and twice as long in a dry inland climate.
• conforms to curving and undulating surfaces like no other roofing material
• gives it better sealing properties
• is far less susceptible to wind damage
• is known for its beautiful russet tones

Our Cape Reed bundles are of high standard and quality. We pride ourselves in harvesting within harvest season to ensure the supply of strong and durable Cape Reed Thatch.

Available sizes and dimensions

Thatching reed (Thamnochortus species) for use should:

• have a minimum cutting length of 1,2 m;
• have a minimum diameter of 1,2 mm and a maximum diameter of 4 mm at the butt end;
• be acceptably straight;
• be workable;
• not to be cut in the growing season
(to ensure that the nodes are tight);
• be mature and ligneous;
• be free of sand and silt; and
• be sun-dried for at least 7 days before bundling


Thamnochortus species:
Diameter of the bundle must be 75 mm.
Approximate mass of the bundle must be 1,1 to 1,3 kg
Thickness of thatch layer must be 180 mm
Minimum mass of thatch layer per sqm must be 72 kg
Minimum design mass of thatch layer must be 120 kg


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