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Amazing African Gazebos

An African gazebo is a stunning rustic addition to any outdoor space. They create a wonderful atmosphere, with a relaxed vibe that reminds us of holidays, tropical places or the bushveld! Here are reasons you should get one and tips for building them - all materials available from us.

Using Untreated Timber

You love the rustic purity of untreated wood straight from nature, but you also realise that some structures need the protection of treated timber, so that they don’t fall apart and result in expensive repairs. When is it okay to use untreated timber and when is treated wood essential?

Playground Timber Projects

Turning your backyard into an amazing playground for kids (and even adults) will make for endless hours of fun for the whole family. Here are some ideas for three wonderful, child-friendly timber constructions to spoil your kids with: a swing, a tree house and a jungle gym.

10 Facts about Forestry in SA

Forestry is a very important part of the South African economy and vegetation. Commercial South African plantations grow mainly pine, Eucalyptus and wattle trees. Learn more interesting facts about the forestry sector and its sustainability in South Africa.

7 Uses of Wood/Reed Screens

How do you use wooden screens and reed screens? Here are a few creative and practical applications to get you inspired: Get some privacy, hide unsightly areas, make a pergola or trellis, get shelter from the wind or shade for a carport, give your garden a tropical look...

How to Install a Wooden Post

Setting a wooden post in the ground is very important to keep it stable and prevent it from rotting too quickly. Using concrete helps to secure the post, but is not always essential and can cause rotting if done incorrectly. Some handy tips for planting a wooden pole with or without concrete.

Garden furniture inspiration

Having a cosy set of furniture in your garden or on your patio enhances an outdoor space enormously. Especially now that many of us are spending more hours at home than usual, upgrading your outdoor areas is a great idea. Here is some garden furniture inspiration.

How to build a wooden fence

There are many reasons why one might need or want to build a fence: for safety, privacy, to mark a clear boundary, for improving the look of your property, keeping animals in an enclosure or keeping wildlife out of your garden. Here are some useful tips to for building your own wooden fence.

Types of wood treatment

Wood is a wonderful material to use for all kinds of structures. Warm, natural, durable and versatile. However, there are a few elements that can affect the durability of wood. It is important to protect wood from being damaged and to choose a suitable type of treatment process for your purposes.

All about thatch

Thatching is the age-old technique of covering a roof with dry reed or other vegetation, which protects the home from the elements, provides insulation and a rugged charm. Thatching is one of the most common roofing methods in history, as the materials are so readily available.

8 Uses of treated poles

Treated Poles are one of those products that you can never have enough of simply because they have so many uses! In this post, we aim to explore some of the many applications for treated poles. Whether it is in the agricultural sector, construction or for home use.

How to revamp your garden with wooden features

There is something very fulfilling about completing a DIY project in your garden or home. As inspiration for your next fun and practical project, here are 10 ideas for enhancing your garden with beautiful timber features.

DIY project ideas with droppers

Get inspiration and tips with a few DIY projects which all involve using some simple survey pegs/ droppers. Tips for building a fire pit on the cheap, using survey stakes in your vegetable or flower garden or as cheap signage posts!

How to use log rolls as garden edging

Wood landscape edging is a simple and cost-effective way to make your garden look attractive and neat. Firstly, the area must be prepared. Start by digging a trench that is deep enough to secure the edging stakes in the ground.