DIY Project Ideas with Droppers

Here are a few DIY projects you can get started with by using some simple survey pegs.

DIY tips for building a fire pit on the cheap – Building a fire pit to warm up the cold winter nights in your entertainment area is easy. Start by getting an old washing machine drum, tin drum or barrel. A washing machine drum is ideal as you will need to drill some holes in anything else. Stake out the area you want to use using some good quality survey pegs. A square is usually ideal so start by staking your pegs into the ground at your four points. Then use some string to tie from peg to peg and stake a few more pegs along your borderline equidistant apart. At this point you should level your ground and use bricks to build along your staked area.

Next, install some simple benches using brackets and good quality pine slats along the edge of your boundary wall. Now prepare your drum. According to DIY experts painting your drum and wood benches with fireproof paint is the best way to go. Get some sturdy aluminium or steel legs from the hardware store and some steel plates to weld it on. Concrete the inside of your fire pit and then tile or just give it a good lick of paint for an authentic Africa fireside experience. Fill up your steel drum with some chunks of firewood and get ready to tell some good stories around the fire!

You can also use survey stakes in your vegetable or flower garden. Measure your area that you will use for your flower bed and use survey stakes to mark the border. Ties string from peg to peg so you know exactly which area to level. Now you can easily place your wooden slats or wood roll edging to make up your garden patch or flower bed. You can also paint them in attractive colours and print the names of your vegetables and flowers onto the pegs. Another fun use for survey pegs is using them to write out clever quotes or inspirational quotes for your garden or flower bed.

If you are planning your own event try using survey pegs as cheap signs to direct your guests and add charm to your wedding or party.

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