7 Uses of Wooden or Reed Screens

How do you use wooden screens and reed screens in your garden, home or business? There are so many creative and practical applications, so we thought we’d list a few to get you inspired:

1. Get some privacy

It’s very useful to be able to screen of parts of your garden or your whole garden from neighbours or people walking past your property on the street. Even if you don’t want a solid screen to block all visibility, it could be nice to have just a bit more privacy when you sit outside.

2. Hide unsightly areas or boundary fences

Wooden and reed screens appear more natural than other types of fences or boundaries and can soften the look. If you have certain problem spots outside that you want to cover, a wooden or reed screen can help. Hide those eye-sores that are spoiling the view – like pumps, generators, aircons, dustbins or your compost heap – from view.

3. Make a pergola

Enhance your patio by adding a lovely rustic pergola for some dappled shade and ambiance. Pergolas can be made of more spread out larger beams which have bigger gaps between them, but using laths or reeds that are more tightly packed together provides extra shelter from the sun and a more secluded atmosphere.

4. Get shelter from the wind

Wooden screens and reed screens can provide ideal windbreaks in your outdoor areas. Because the screens are not solid like a wall, the wind can pass gently through the gaps and will not tear down the screens or cause violent winds to blow over the top and cause more damage. You can create a cosy sheltered corner in your garden or even a kind of round “boma” or a “lapa” structure for safari-style braais in your backyard.

5. Use the screen as a trellis

Allowing climbing plants grow up onto a wooden screen not only provides stability for the plant but also creates a lush green “wall”. Try it with grapevines, ivy, grenadillas, sweet peas, clematis or nasturtiums.

6. Create shade for a carport

Using laths or reed to create the walls or roof of a semi-sheltered carport works well to provide a bit of protection from the elements.

7. Give your garden a tropical look

Nothing gives a Hawaiian or coastal feel like adding reeds and other leafy materials to the décor. Create a fun Tiki bar or build a gazebo using natural materials and let your guests feel like they’re at the beach!

If you’re keen to try any of these ideas don’t hesitate to ask us for advice! Have a look at some of our products which could come in handy for the applications above:

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