Garden furniture inspiration

Having a cosy set of furniture in your garden or on your patio enhances an outdoor space enormously. A nice bench or a table and chairs make being outside much more appealing and comfortable. Especially now that many of us are spending more hours at home than usual, upgrading your outdoor areas is a great idea. Here are some garden furniture items that could work well as DIY projects, as well as a few links to instructions for how to make them.

Garden furniture ideas:


Build a peaceful garden bench in a beautiful spot. It’s the perfect place to sit with a cup of coffee, to read a book or to use creatively for your park bench workout. Your pets might even thank you. Try this garden bench plan.


It’s handy to have a convenient surface for placing food and drinks when you’re having a braai, picnic or family meal outside. Or use your wooden garden table to work outside for an hour or two for a change of scenery. You could even try something like this useful bar table.


Rustic chairs to go around your wooden table are also practical. If you’re not using benches a sturdy wooden chair is even more comfortable, especially with a soft cushion. Watch this video on how to make a patio chair.

Deck chairs

Nothing says holiday like a deck chair, especially next to the pool. All you need is a cocktail and you’re set for hours of relaxation. Here’s a plan for a DIY: deck chair.

General tips

  • Start simple: If you’re not a seasoned DIY expert yet, start with something easy like a basic bench or a side table. Then move onto more complicated projects.
  • Be safe: Remember to make your garden furniture safe for use. Give it a coat of paint or varnish to protect it and make sure there are no splinters that can hurt someone sitting down.
  • Keep your garden furniture in good condition: If your bench or table is going to stay outdoors permanently you will need to do occasional maintenance. Furniture that’s not very weather proof should be kept somewhere dry and clean, while not in use. Give your outdoor cushion covers a good wash every now and then also.

Should I use treated timber?

For furniture that will stay in your garden or on your patio permanently and be exposed to harsh rain, wind or sun, having some kind of weather proofing is essential. If not, your furniture can rot quickly or get destroyed by insects. The last thing you want is for someone to sit down on a chair which suddenly breaks! CCA treated wood is very practical for this, as it is not dangerous after the treatment process and can preserve your furniture effectively. It also has no smell. Creosote treatment is not a good idea for furniture though, as it stains and can leave marks on clothes and fabric. If your furniture will be stored indoors or if it’s going to be in a sheltered spot, such as protected veranda with a roof, boron treated or untreated wood should be fine. If you’re unsure about what you need, don’t hesitate to ask our team at Die Pale Depot. We can help you to make the best decision and sell both treated and untreated wood.

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