How to revamp your garden with wooden features

There is something very fulfilling about completing a DIY project in your garden or home. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but just adding something of value that you’ve had a hand in building makes one feel proud, creative and industrious! Using timber for constructing garden features is especially rewarding, as it adds a rustic look, warmth and texture to your outdoor area. If you’re concerned about the possibility of natural wood rotting over time or being demolished by insects, use a treated version. This will let the wood last much longer while keeping the wonderful natural appearance.

As inspiration for your next fun and practical project, here are 10 ideas for enhancing your garden with beautiful timber features:


1. Install a planter box with herbs or veggies. This can work in even the smallest gardens, balconies or paved backyards.

2. Add garden edging around your flower beds or pathways for neater boundaries or to make a slightly raised bed.     

3. Install attractive reed screens for privacy or a bit more shelter from wind.


4. Create a vertical wooden trellis for creeping plants to grow up against.

5. Add a rustic pergola over your patio for vines or a bougainvillea to provide shade and a Mediterranean atmosphere.

6. Create a vertical garden by stacking planter boxes on top of each other.


7. Put up a beautiful natural wooden fence around your garden or property.

8. Make a wooden bench or wooden chairs for extra seating, small tables or other outdoor furniture.

9. Construct a small wooden bridge over a pathway or water stream to add interest.

10. Build an awesome African gazebo for extra shade and as an area for entertaining or relaxing. We sell thatching reed, as well as all the timber products needed to construct one.

Whatever level you’re at, from basic to highly ambitious, you can get all your timber and thatch materials for these projects from Die Pale Depot – plus really good advice. Too scared to try it all on your own? Don’t worry, we can recommend some great landscapers and construction companies to help you build and/ or install your timber products professionally.

Contact us for assistance with your project!

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